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Monarch Art Stone was founded in 2000 and is now one of the UKs leading suppliers and manufacturers of Artificial Cast Stone Products. We supply artificial cast stone throughout Bradford, Halifax and Yorkshire and sometimes to other parts of the UK. Our team of highly trained and experienced tradesmen are skilled in producing high quality products.

We have a vast amount of clients from various industries including Architects, Contractors, and Interior Designers, who have all enjoyed the versatility of our products which:

We can offer a wide range of products, but we specialise in supplying artificial cast stone window sills and balustrades. We simulate natural stone which can be manufactured into complex shapes, providing an advantage over cut stone and can be seamlessly blended with traditional stone and masonry. Our stone also provides superb strength & weathering qualities.

If you require more information about any of the artificial cast stone products that we can supply, a member of our friendly team will be happy to speak to you. Just call us on + 44 1484 719 226 today!

Simulate Natural Stone  
Can be Manufactured Into Complex Shapes, Providing an Advantage Over Cut Stone  
Can be Seamlessly Blended with Traditional Stone and Masonry  
Custom Colours

Provides Superb Strength & Weathering Qualities



Our factory allows for the production of standard or bespoke artificial cast stone products. Our bespoke service lets clients to make their cast stone to their exact specification choosing exact colours, sizes and shapes. Here are a few standard items we can produce:


String Course
Window Surrounds
Wall Copings
Pier Caps