Technical Specification

  • Monarch Art Stone products are manufactured to BS 1217:2008
  • .

Mean Compressive Strength: 25 n/mm² at 28 days

Mean Density: Aprox - 2225 kg/m²

Water Absorption: ( Cat)

Dimensional Tolerances

  • Up to 600mm +/- 2mm
  • 601 - 1000mm +/- 3mm
  • 1001 - 2500mm +/- 4mm
  • 2501 -4000mm +/- 5mm

Reinforcement – Generally Mild Steel

  • Please Note: All units contain a minimum of 1 steel reinforcing bar.
    These are included to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.
    All materials are non load bearing.


  • Cast stone may be subject to slight shade variations in much the same way as natural stone.
  • Cement Efflorescence’s. All cement based products can suffer from efflorescence, a condition that can make the surface appear lighter in colour.

Site Handling

  • All stone is supplied on non returnable pallets, shrink wrapped and with all relevant information on a contents list.
  • The shrink wrap should be cut open carefully and not torn as this could damage edges and corners.
  • Pallets / Units should be stored on level ground.
  • Never stack pallets on top of each other.

Laying / Mortars

  • Cast stone should be carefully placed in position to avoid damage.
  • Units should be kept covered to prevent damage and mortar staining.
  • We recommend bedding heads on a full bed of mortar.
  • Cill’s should be bedded under Stooled ends only at time of installation.
  • Pointed fully as scaffold removed